Bob Wright Cup

The above competition will be held at Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club between Monday 23rd January 2017 and Saturday 11th March 2017

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World Bowls Rules will apply where not covered below:-

  1. The competition will take the form of a knockout.
  2. This competition is on a play by date format. Each game shall be played by the days and times scheduled; otherwise defaulting players will forfeit the game. It is the challengers responsibility to arrange dates and organise a marker.
  3. Two trial ends allowed and each player can decide for themselves how many bowls they would like (max. 4 each end)
  4. The winner of each game will be the first to 21 shots.
  5. You may visit the head after your third bowl.
  6. Dead ends to be replayed
  7. Late arrival. If a player is more than 15 minutes late or advises they cannot play, the game will be awarded to their opponent. Rule 2 will apply.
  8. Score cards are to be signed and timed by both players and handed back to the marker for verification.


This competition is slightly different as it is for members who have not won a singles club competition at Cabrera LBC before. There were quite a few entries for this as Cabrera have had a lot of new members joining in the last twelve months.

The winner is the player who is the first to 21. The final was between Austin Crilly and Steve Townsend and what a brilliant final it was. Austin started off the better but Steve kept in touch and after 13 ends the score was level at 11 all. Steve, however, started to pull away and after 20 ends won the final and competition 21-15 meaning that he cannot enter next year as he has now won a singles competition but Austin may still be eligible. Congratulations to both players


Previous Results

2016 runner up Kevin Riley (left) and winner Tony Wells

2015 Finalists - husband and wife - Ian Jackson (Winner) and Janet Jackson (Runner-up)

Photo Left to Right Janet Jackson and Ian Jackson