Barry Woods Open Mixed Pairs

To be played on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March 2019 - Entry 8€ per person

Closing date for entries Saturday 23rd February 2019

Any team wishing to enter please enter your names on the entry poster in the club house. If you are unable to add your name before the closing date please send an email to the competition secretary in order that you may be included in the draw. This can be done either by telephone - Janet Jackson (0034) 626 328 274 or e-mail -


World Bowls Rules will apply where not covered below:-

This competition will take the form of a Round Robin

  1. Each games will consist of 8 ends or 1 hour whichever is the shorter. A bell will be rung to commence play and the jack MUST be cast before the bell is rung. The bell will be rung after 55 minutes of play. The jack may be centred BUT NOT CAST after the bell has sounded
  2. Three points will be awarded for each game won and one point for a draw. One point will also be awarded for each end won. The winners of each group will be the team with most points. In the event of a tie shot difference will decide first and if still tied count back on ends won will come into force
  3. Games will be played on dates and times specified
  4. Toss up for the mat at the beginning of each game
  5. No trial ends and one point only on the first end of each game
  6. If the jack leaves the rink (not in the ditch) it will be re-spotted on the tee, or as near as possible in a straight line between tee and ditch
  7. No visiting the head
  8. Score cards must be signed and timed by both skips and returned immediately to the competition organiser
  9. All group winners will automatically go into playoffs but depending on number of entrants and groups this may also apply to runners up. Teams will be advised on exact format after the closing date
  10. Late arrivals. If the player/players are more than 15 minutes late or advices they cannot play, the game and all 11 points will be awarded to their opponent. (Rule 3 applies)


Previous Results - (as Basil Withers Open)

2017 finalists - Winners Reg Birmingham and Chris Parkinson with runners up Tony and JoanWells










2016 winners - Doreen Hall from Indalo BC and Austin Crilly from Almería BC