Cabrera Dress Code

Updated 2013

The following dress code should be observed at all times

  • All clothing must be basically White (Club Shirts are the exception to this rule)
  • All Shirts must have a collar
  • In the months of May and September ladies may wear sleeveless shirts but they MUST have a collar
  • In the months of June, July and August ladies may wear sleeveless and collarless shirts with a minimum strap width of 2"/50mm
  • Shoestring straps and low cut tops are not acceptable
  • Trousers and shorts are to be of an approved club standard
  • Cargo trousers, cargo shorts and jeans are not acceptable
  • Sequins and multi-coloured embroidery is unacceptable
  • Regulation smooth soled shoes and sandals must be worn by all members. Flat trainers will be allowed for new members under coaching.
  • It is your choice whether or not to wear underwear but your clothing must be of a sufficient quality not to be see through
  • Over jackets or fleeces are to be white or Club Green