Ladies Pairs Club Championship

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World Bowls Rules will apply where not covered below:-

  1. The competition will take the form of a knockout.
  2. Each game shall be played on the days and times scheduled - otherwise defaulting players will forfeit the game.
  3. Two trial ends are permitted (max 4 woods)
  4. The winners are the pair with the highest number of shots after 18 ends. In the event of the score being level after 18 ends one further end will be played to decide the winner. The toss of a coin will decide who starts the extra end.
  5. Leads may visit the head after delivering their 3rd and 4th bowls.
    Skips may visit the head after delivering their 2nd, 3rd and 4th bowls.
    Appendix A.4.1.2 (World Bowl Rules Crystal Mark 3rd Edition)
  6. Dead ends to be replayed
  7. Late arrival. If a player is more than 15 minutes late or advises they cannot play, the game will be awarded to their opponent. Rule 2 will apply.
  8. Score cards are to be signed and timed by both skips and handed back to the competition secretary for verification.


The Ladies Final was played at the same time as the Gent's Final keeping the many spectators enthralled. This was between Sandra Marriott and Jackie Mayhew against Lyn Band and Jean Smallwood. Lyn and Jean's husbands were playing in the Gent's final. The ladies final was a repeat of last year's final when Lyn and Jean were the victors. Sandra and Jackie started off the stronger but Lyn and Jean fought back gallantly and after 9 ends were only 3 shots behind. After 17 ends Lyn and Jean were only 1 shot behind but on the last end Jean bowled 2 fantastic woods moving the jack to within 6 inches of the ditch resulting with a toucher in the ditch leaving them holding 2 shots and a match winning position. Sandra, with her last wood, cut it down to 1 shot leaving the match all square which would result in an extra tie break end. Jackie, however, with the very last wood of the 18 ends bowled what can only be described as the perfect bowl firstly resting on the jack and then both jack and wood gently dropped into the ditch giving them the match by 2 shots. Absolutely fantastic. Many congratulations to Sandra and Jackie who got their reward after last year's final. Commiserations to Lyn and Jean but a great final.

Photo 2017 winners Jackie Mayhew (left) and Sandra Marriott

Previous Results

2016 winners - Lyn Band (left) and Jean Smallwood