Avalon Mixed Invitation Tournament

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Invitation Tournament Rules

Each team MUST consist of 2 Men and 2 Ladies.

The Tournament is based on the Schedule of play as provided to each team.

Please be aware of the letter allocated to your team.

The Tournament covers all disciplines and is based on net overall shot difference accumulated from games played by each individual team of 4 players over the 2 day period.

Each game is started with 2 trial ends of 2 woods only from each player. The skips toss for the mat.

All games (including trial ends) will be played as normal within the time limits specified. The bell being rung at the commencement of each session and again 5 minutes before the end of each session after which no further jacks may be set.

If the end is killed the jack will be re-spotted using the two metre baton (as close as possible to the Tee).

In the event of a team failing to arrive within 15 minutes of the start of any session, the game and plus 5 shots will be awarded to their opponents.

Unless otherwise stated, laws of the sport of bowls (Crystal mark 3 edition) will apply.

Unresolved disputes will be considered by the UMPIRE in the first instance and, if necessary, the Organisers whose decisions will be final.

The Pairs sessions are mixed i.e. 1 male and 1 female with 2 woods only for each player. The Rinks, Triples and Singles are played with 2, 3 and 4 woods as normal.

Score cards are provided to each team for each game. Please keep your scorecards in the normal way – your score on the left – your opponents on the right. Completed, signed and timed scorecards must be returned to the recorder at the end of each game and the card for the next game collected.

For the singles game the scorecard will be held by the marker and signed and timed at the end by both players. The scoreboard at the end will reflect the marker's scorecard regardless of who wins the toss for the mat. One member of each team MUST mark the singles match. Two markers per match and the marker at the odd end will keep the scoreboard.

The start times may be brought forward slightly depending on running times and the weather.



Cabrera Lawn Bowling club held this most prestigious competition in its calendar on 19th and 20th November 2016

The competition was sponsored by Avalon Funeral Plans who donated 200€ to the prize fund and also presented to the club a beautiful trophy in honour of the competition. We had a tremendous response with 24 teams of four people, two men and two ladies, entering. The competition was marked on shot difference and the team with the best shot difference won the competition.

On the first day there was a rinks discipline over 18 ends followed after lunch by a mixed pairs again over 18 ends which was then followed by another mixed pairs.

Day two started with an 18 end triples followed by an 18 end singles. The person who hadn't played in the triples played in the singles. The competition was rounded off by a 9 ends rink.

There were several very good wins in particular one team on the very first game has a shot difference of plus 47. There was, however, only one team in the whole competition who won every game and were the eventual winners with a shot difference of plus 54. They were David Schofield, John Wilson, Sheila Lowe and Karen Ruston who were representing Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club. Many congratulations. In second place with a shot difference of plus 50 were last year's winners Tony and Mary Mullen with Sheila Allen and Reg Birmingham representing Almeria BC and Indalo BC. Well done. In third place with a shot difference of plus 48 were Denis and Lynn Stoyles with Kevin and Frances Riley from Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club and in fourth place with a shot difference of plus 42 were Brian and Pat Marsh with Tony and Joan Wells again from Cabrera LBC.

The trophy was presented to the winning team by Suzy from Avalon and the whole weekend was a fantastic success. Many thanks to so many people who made this competition possible and especially to Avalon Funeral Plans for their continued support. The competition is being run again next year and hopefully will be as successful as this year.

Previous Results


The winning team with a shot difference of plus 92. They were Tony and Mary Mullen, Shelagh Allen and Reg Birmingham who were representing Almería Bowling Club. Many congratulations. In second place with a shot difference of plus 56 were Graham and Cath Patrick, Viv Sykes and Colin Wright again from Almería Bowling Club. Well done. In third place with a shot difference of plus 41 were John and Sue Sephton, Peter Sands and Sylvia Byrne from Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club and in fourth place with a shot difference of plus 31 were Jackie Mayhew, John Beaumont, Tony Bird and Barbra Moyniham again from Cabrera LBC.

Photo left to right - Reg Birmingham, Shelagh Allen, Kim White (Avalon) and Mary and Tony Mullen