Redington Gent's Singles Cup

Entries closed on 15th May 2018


World Bowls Rules will apply where not covered below

  1. The competition will take the form of a knockout
  2. Format of play. Two sets of nine ends. If one set each a three end tie-break will be played. In the tie-break the player who wins the most ENDS will be the winner.
  3. Each game shall be played on the days and times scheduled; otherwise defaulting players will forfeit the game.
  4. Two trial ends allowed and each player can decide for themselves how many bowls they would like (max. 4 each end)
  5. You may visit the head after your third bowl.
  6. If the jack leaves the rink it must be placed on the tee or as close as possible on a direct line from the tee to the end ditch.
  7. Late arrival. If a player is more than 15 minutes late or advises they cannot play, the game will be awarded to their opponent. Rule 3 will apply.
  8. Score cards are to be signed and timed by both players and handed back to the marker for verification.



Previous Results

2017 winner Austin Crilly (left) and runner-up Ian Jackson

2016 Runner up David Ives (left) and winner Peter Marriott

2015 Winner : Brian Firth    -    Runner-up: Paul Cartwright

Photo left to right - David Jenkins (Captain) Paul Cartwright and Brian Firth