Two Wood Triples

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Rules of Play


  1. The competition will take the form of a knockout.
  2. Each game shall be played on the days and times scheduled; otherwise defaulting players will forfeit the game.
  3. Two trial ends are permitted (maximum 2 woods)
  4. The winner is the team with the highest number of shots after 18 ends. In the event of the score being level after 18 ends one further end will be played to decide the winner. The toss of a coin will decide who starts the extra end.
  5. Skips may visit the ‘head’ after their first wood.
  6. Dead ends to be replayed
  7. Late arrival. If a player is more than 15 minutes late or advises they cannot play, the game will be awarded to their opponent. Rule 2 will apply.
  8. Score cards are to be signed and timed by both skips and handed back to the competition secretary for verification.


The Two Wood Triple Competition was held at Cabrera Lawn Bowling Club between 6th and 10th October 2017.

This is a very popular competition as it really focusing the mind only having two woods per player. As always there were some very interesting rounds and none more so than the 2 semi-finals which both went to extra ends as the scores were both level after the required 18 ends. The winners of both matches who met in the final were Gill and Trevor Young with Vic Holloway against Peter and Sandra Marriott with Leighton John. The final started very evenly between the two teams and after 7 ends there was only 1 shot in it in Trevor's teams favour. Sadly for Leighton's team Trevor team found the rich vein of form they had during the whole competition and stormed ahead to win the final 21-10. Many congratulations to Trevor, Vic and Gill and commiserations to Leighton, Sandra and Peter.

Photo left to right Trevor and Gill Young with Vic Holloway

Previous Results


2016 winners - left to right Peter Sands, John Beaumont and Vic Holloway


2015 - Photo (left to right) - Losing finalists John Sephton, Peter Sands and Sue Sephton - Winners Sandra Marriott, Peter Marriott and Tony Ashworth.